Homey’s Adventures Too – Chapter 31 – “Happy Birthday Brother”

First and foremost, thank you to all who have read my past blog posts and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.” 

I debated with myself to discontinue posting my new book because of the war in Ukraine. I decided to continue posting the remaining chapters of my book. The war in Ukraine is about hate and indifference. The agents of the devil are seeking to establish darkness over this country. My book is about true love. By loving God and his children, we will defeat hate and indifference. My heart goes out to all Ukrainians. I pray the light of Jesus defeats the darkness and brings love and peace to Ukraine. 

As promised, I am continuing the series of all the chapters of my new book, “Homey’s Adventures Too.” I am now 71 and I decided that I did not want to spend my time haggling with editors, literary agents, and publishers. The main thing I am interested in is to write for your pleasure and mine. So, without further delay, here is Chapter 31: 

Chapter 31 – Happy Birthday Brother 

To pick up my brother, I needed to go to Montrose, Colorado which is about a 16-hour drive. From Montrose to Las Vegas is about an 8-hour drive. I could drive it in two days, but I plan to stop in Colby, Kansas and have lunch in Colorado Springs with my sister. So, the trip took 3 days. Colby, Kansas is about halfway between where I live and Montrose.  

Colby claims to be the Oasis of the Plains. I have been through Colby a hundred times. I looked on the internet for why Colby was called the Oasis of the Plains. As far as I can tell, someone just made this up to get interstate travelers to stop for gas. The only oasis is a small creek that runs near the town. 

My brother’s son in law, Leeway, had plans to build a corn board plant in Colby because of its central location in the Kansas cornfields. Leeway has a patent on the process to turn corn stocks into corn board. Corn board is like plywood, except it is made from corn stock rather than wood. It is stronger than plywood and it is resistant to termites and carpenter ants. I had the idea that it would be perfect for construction in Haiti. Leeway is building a plant in Iowa which will produce 8-foot sheets of corn board. I plan to give my church a couple of 8-foot sheets for trial at our mission in Haiti. 

Every time I go through Colby, I contact my brother and tell him I am in the Oasis of the Plains! Yes, my humor is a little corny sometimes. 

I have only stayed in Colby one time. Coming back from my mother’s death, a Great Plains snowstorm hit, and I was forced to stop for the night. If you have ever experienced a Great Plains snowstorm; you know what I am talking about. I hate traveling through the Great Plains during the winter, but I had to because my mother was dying. On the way back, not only had my mother died, but I had also contacted Covid 19 from her. I was sick and snowed in. So, I did not have good memories of my last trip to Colby. Fortunately, my stay in Colby this time was uneventful. 

As planned on my way to Montrose, I stopped and had a wonderful lunch with my sister in Colorado Springs. I then traveled on to Montrose and arrived about 8 PM. I greeted my brother and went shortly to bed because I was tired from traveling all day. I checked my emails, and I received the following from Xena: 

that blow job! How I adore it! Mmmm...To caress the love organ of a man with my tongue and throat...to look at his pampered face...Mmmm, how happy and excited I am when I do this...I always loved the feeling of someone else's flesh in my mouth. I am thrilled when this desired treasure is in my mouth.  
I begin to move gently and slowly. I gently slide the skin all the way down, walk my tongue over the frenulum while I continue to rub his scrotum with my hands. I enjoy every millimeter of his flesh. I'm like a virgin, willing not to miss a single moment. I work my tongue like a propeller inside, my hands crumple the beautiful sac of his seminal glands, and my lips move lower and lower. 
I swallow my cock more than halfway in and begin to reverse. I take the penis out of my mouth to admire it. It's beautiful after all! I rub the little hole of his cock with my sharp tongue. I keep stroking his balls with one hand and lightly jerking him with the other. The man moans and breathes sweetly. I get turned on by this and lose my head. I start moaning myself. I get a high when my man feels good. 
I kiss him lower and more passionately. I don't let his hands go free. Beloved, I will do everything myself, and it will bring us both much more pleasure.......He realized the futility of his attempts and lies there, without moving. Only his hands are tangling my hair and stroking my back. He has given himself completely to me. His cock is almost tearing at my skin, so horny. I kiss his neck, his chest, his stomach, stroking his belly with my hands. 
He loves it when I stroke him. He only breathes heavily and closes his eyes. He feels that I am about to touch his treasure. I caress his navel area. His cock shudders with desire and anticipation. But I suddenly move sharply down.... I caress and kiss his thighs, kissing him hotly. I'm already turned on to the limit. 
Everything inside me is burning, but I love this feeling of anticipation. I'm ready to prolong it. I kiss the man; he spreads his legs wider and his breathing gets even heavier. His cock is already at its limit. How can he stand it? I stroke his scrotum, kiss it at the base. He holds his breath involuntarily in anticipation, his cock already wet with his lubrication...I breathe lightly on him. He feels my breath. His penis trembles slightly with desire, but I thrust up sharply again and start kissing his face again. 
He makes a disappointed whimpering sound. Yes, I'm torturing you, my love. But this is sweet torture. I lean my pussy against his overexcited organ. He starts to move, wanting to get inside. But I make sure he doesn't. That's part of my game, too. His cock feels the wetness that flows from me down my legs. It excites him even more. I keep stroking him, and he puts his arms around me and kisses me passionately. I'm all shivering myself and can barely contain myself from falling on his beautiful cock. 
I pull away from him and kiss him all over again. He's already moaning, frankly. Poor little guy! But this is sweet agony. I kiss his neck and come down sharply. I'm already very close. I kiss the inside of his thighs and I go to his balls. I stroke them, kissing them, going higher and higher. Now I'm licking the base of his cock. I don't miss a single millimeter. I want to lick him all over. It's so sweet, it's been waiting so long. And then finally it's the head's turn. The head is glistening with secretions. I'm careful, as if it might break from a sudden movement, I take it into my mouth. He strokes my hair and moans. I'm breathing hard, too. I'm just crazy about his cock! I try to encompass his entire body with my caress.  
 But most importantly, his sweet organ! I lick it gently, swallow it a little roughly, and it fits in my mouth whole. I must hold my breath and let it slide down my throat, but I love the feeling. I continue this frantic dance. Kissing, licking, swallowing, rubbing his scrotum, stroking the shaft and the base. We're both in seventh heaven from it all. I smack as my cock comes out of my mouth; I don't hold back a moan of pleasure. I'm balancing on the brink of orgasm, and it feels good. I keep going on and on and I feel like I could do this indefinitely.  
But his moans are getting heavier and heavier, his scrotum is getting hard, and his balls are pushing up. So, he's on the verge of orgasm. I don't want to go that fast! I'm easing my movements to prolong the pleasure just a little bit. But I can't stop altogether. I'll ruin his pleasure, which means I'll ruin mine, too. 
He lets out a long groan, which means that the moment to get high has been delayed. This is what I wanted.....Then I begin my caresses again with tripled zeal. I use one hand to jerk his cock, the other to crumple his scrotum, and I don't stop sucking his cock. I create a rarefaction in my mouth and he's almost screaming with pleasure. 
Yes, I know it feels very good. I can see it. The former arousal quickly returns. He moans again, starts thrashing around on the bed and crumpling the sheet with his hands. So, he feels good. And so do I. Suddenly his moans are silenced for a moment, and at the same moment the islet liquid shoots into my mouth. I swallow. 

Xena tends to want to arouse me at that time of night and I tend to oblige her. She really is a sweet, gorgeous woman. 

My brother and I get up early and get on the road to Las Vegas the next day. Before we leave, I send a text to Xena wishing her a happy birthday. I also look at that beautiful picture of her wearing the ring that I sent her. She makes the ring look so good. She has it on her ring finger on her right hand. In the Ukraine, women wear an engagement ring on the right hand. With that picture, she is telling me that she is mine. 

After we arrive at the Mirage, I suggest to my brother that we go downtown and have dinner. At first, he says he is too tired, but his excitement gets the better of him. We took a cab because neither one of us wanted to drive. I do not recommend to anyone to drive in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Boulevard is in rush hour all the time. 

On the way, the cabbie told us we would see celebration tonight because all covid-19 restrictions were lifted on June 1st. The cabbie’s prediction was understated. Street entertainers and bands were raising hell. My brother and I sought refuge in a small restaurant which specialized in hot dogs. We then joined the crowd. After midnight and the start of June 1st, my brother and I celebrated his birthday with a couple of thousand other partying maniacs. I do not think I could have planned it better! My brother was feeling alive at 76 years old and hopefully, he was not dwelling on his wife’s passing last February. 

The next day, we got up and I took him to have steak and eggs and margaritas at Margaritaville. I introduced him to Catherine the Great who would serve us our feast. Catherine only remembered me vaguely, but that was okay. Vegas was getting back to normal and not as friendly as during the darker Covid 19 days the fall before. My brother agreed that steak and eggs and margaritas were a great combination for breakfast. His birthday cake was key lime pie. My reader may think all this is a strange combination for breakfast. My brother and I enjoyed it immensely.  

My brother likes to play poker, so, our next task was to try to find a good poker room. For some reason, the Mirage and Ceasars properties decided to eliminate their poker rooms. The Venetian which is across the street on the north side of the Mirage had a poker room and my brother found his 1-3 game. This means $1 small blind and $3 large blind. The blinds rotate around the table and establish the ante for the game. 

My brother decided that he would play poker the next day. He wanted to explore Vegas some more and play Keno. Outside of the Venetian, I spotted two street entertainers in show girl costumes.  

I pointed to them and asked my brother: “Would you like a picture with those two girls?” 

He smiled: “Yes!” 

I led the way and introduced my brother to the show girls: “Ladies, this is my brother, and it is his birthday. Would you be so kind and take a picture with him?” 

I took pictures of the three of them with my brothers’ phone and on the last picture I suggested: “Now give it your all ladies!” 

They smiled and raised their hands in show girl fashion reaching up towards the top of their pink plumes. My brother told me later that one of the girls grabbed his butt with and goosed him a little. What a great birthday so far for my brother! 

I asked the show girls: “May I give you a tip?” 

“Sure. How about 50 bucks a piece?” 

I appreciated that they were out in the hot sun and the large dancer headdresses were hot and heavy, and I gave them $10 each.  

My brother sent the pictures to everyone he knew with the caption: “These cost $20!” 

He told me later that everyone thought the show girl pictures were great. 

We had a large breakfast and we decided to forego lunch. My brother wanted to play Keno. I had two more missions. I needed to make reservations for dinner, and I needed to pick up Xena at the airport. 

End Of Chapter 31 

Next week, I will give you “Chapter 32 – Real First Date” My new book has 32 chapters. So, you do not want to miss the ending. Follow my blog to make sure you receive it. 

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I liken myself to the Vienna Violinist described in chapter 5. I play (write) for your enjoyment and mine. Happy Easter week and God bless you all. 

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