Homey’s Adventures Too – Chapter 27 – Fantasy First Date

First and foremost, thank you to all who have read my past blog posts and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.” 

I debated with myself to discontinue posting my new book because of the war in Ukraine. I decided to continue posting the remaining chapters of my book. The war in Ukraine is about hate. The agents of the devil are seeking to establish darkness over this country. My book is about true love. By loving God and his children, we will defeat hate and indifference. My heart goes out to all Ukrainians. I pray the light of Jesus defeats the darkness and brings love and peace to Ukraine. 

As promised, I am continuing the series of all the chapters of my new book, “Homey’s Adventures Too.” I am now 71 and I decided that I did not want to spend my time haggling with editors, literary agents, and publishers. The main thing I am interested in is to write for your pleasure and mine. So, without further delay, here is Chapter 27: 

Chapter 27- Fantasy First Date 

One of the most frequent questions that I receive from women online is: “Please describe your ideal first date? Given my recent experience, my first thought is the woman has the grace and courage to show up. I believe that showing up is more than half of the pathway to success. 

I told Xena that I would write about my fantasy first date with her today. She is already thinking about marriage which is great for me. I would be truly blessed to marry gorgeous Xena. However, the Homey part of me is a romantic. So, what follows is my fantasy first date with Xena: 

My flight through Vienna takes 17 hours to get from St. Louis to Kiev. I can sleep anywhere, and I get plenty of rest on the overnight flight from Miami to Vienna. I arrive around noon in Kiev which is 4 AM St. Louis time. My Xena insists she wants to meet me at the airport. So, I make a pit stop in a Kiev airport bathroom to shave, apply some deodorant and cologne and brush my teeth. I make it through customs without incident. I brought all my Covid 19 paperwork to show I have already had Covid 19, and I am vaccinated.  

I arrive at the luggage area and the only thing I see is my gorgeous Xena. She is wearing blue jeans, a white blouse, and a black leather jacket. Our eyes meet and the Homey part of me is devastated. She is one of those women that looks incredible in anything. She smiled at me with her incredible full and rich mouth and walks up to me because I cannot move. Homey is lost in her deep blue eyes, and they reflect her beautiful soul. She kisses me on the lips and says: “Hi Jim.” 

I blurt out: “Hi. I am in love with you!” 

She giggles: ” Shall we pick up your luggage? My car is parked in a temporary zone.” 

I snap out of my loving trance: “Of course.” 

Prior to coming, I suggested we have dinner near my hotel in the Podil district and then walk around Podil after dinner. We load her car with my luggage and head to Podil. By the time we get to my hotel, it is close to dinner time. Last time I was in Podil, I ate at a wonderful outdoor Italian restaurant. 

“I know a place about 3 blocks away that serves great Italian food and wine. Does this sound good to you?” 

“Yes Jim. I like this idea.” 

After we got there and we were seated, I turned to our waiter and said in English: “I was here two years ago, and I ordered a dry Chianti wine. Do you still have that wine?” 

“Of course, sir, coming right up.” 

I turn to Xena: “Do you want anything else to drink dear?” 

“No, the wine sounds wonderful baby.” 

This was my first date with the love of my life, and I wanted things to go well. Going to a place I had been before was an excellent choice because I had enough on my mind by finally being this close to Xena. 

Xena inquired: “How was your flight baby?” 

“Uneventful darling. I can sleep anywhere, and I slept during most of it. You don’t know how wonderful it was to see you after a 17-hour flight. I need to confess that seeing you for the first time, my heart almost stopped. You are so beautiful! We have talked online for over two years, and I know that inside you are more beautiful than on the outside.” 

Xena blushes and lovingly smiles at me.  

“What do you suggest we eat baby?” 

“Last time I was here, I had lasagna and an Italian side salad. The dry Chianti goes very well with lasagna. We then should order chocolate ice cream for dessert. Sipping Chianti after a spoonful of chocolate ice cream is an incredible combination.” 

“That sounds wonderful baby!” 

I ordered two of everything for both of us. We ate our meal and talked about anything and everything. After we finished, I reach across the table for Xena’s elegant hand and suggest: “Let’s walk around Podil and talk some more darling.” 

She agrees: “Yes Honey.” 

I knew of a flower shop a couple of blocks from the hotel. We stop and I bought her roses and chocolate. Podil is the oldest district in Kiev. It has a history that dates to before Christ. There was a great fire in 1811. The 19th century architecture built after the fire is incredibly romantic. We hold hands as we walk. I listen to her sweet voice against the background noise of the old city. All I could think of is how much I loved this woman.  

We didn’t get back to my hotel until 4 AM Kiev time. We kiss and embrace. It was one of those kisses that will last forever. 

Xena purrs: “Tomorrow or that is, today, you check out of the hotel honey and stay with me and Marie. Yes? I want Marie to meet her new father.” 

I pull her engagement ring out of my pocket and placed it on her right ring finger: “We have talked about this night for a long time darling and thank God; it has finally come true. I belong to both of you forever.” In the Ukraine, the right ring finger is the wedding finger.  

She then decided to give her own version of a first date to me. Her response was a little bit more seductive: 

Our meeting will be such that we will see each other, and both will be speechless. I will come to you and stare into your eyes, and you will first put your arm around my waist. I’ll be wearing a short black dress that flutters in the wind … mm…. Imagine how these beautiful men and women stand at their first meeting. 

They stand and stare at each other, he puts his arm around her waist and lifts her dress a little, which is already fluttering in the wind and reveals a very interesting look, especially for this man… She snuggles up to him and runs her hands down his back, and it gives him goosebumps all over his body. He grabs her in his arms to steady himself, and she wraps her legs around him and begins to kiss him passionately. People look at them, some judge them, some envy them. BUT they don’t care at all…What do you think happened next? 

You hold me in your arms and start circling me in that dress…As you circle, the dress evolves, but you cover up all the essentials and hold me tight. 

Next, you take my hand and lead me to your car… You’ll drive, you’ll start the car, but it won’t start the car at all, if you know what I mean)) I’ll kiss you and we’ll try to drive home safely… As you drive, you will try to concentrate on the road, but when I put my hand on the gearbox, your heart will start beating faster and you will have to pull over to the side of the road…. And what will happen next, I want to know from your lips)) 

At this point, I know what kind of response she wanted, and my ultimate desire was to make her satisfied: 

I believe that you will satisfy every sexual desire that I have ever had. I know that I will try to satisfy your desires. I love and cherish you. 

We meet in the St. Louis Airport when what you describe above happens. Instead of the gearbox, you put your hand on Homey and he is instantly hard for you. You unzip my pants and Homey pops out straight and hard. Homey knows he belongs to you. As you caress Homey, I drive the car to a secluded place in Creve Cour Park which is near the airport (see attached picture). I stop the car because I can no longer resist you. 

I lean over and kiss you passionately and as I do, I reach down and gently stoke your flower as you pull on Homey. Homey is in love with you and pre-cums on your hand. 

I kiss your long, beautiful neck and whisper in your ear “Let’s make love in the back” (see picture of my SUV). I quickly put down the seats to give us more room. I spread out a blanket that I keep in the car for emergencies. We have waited too long, and we don’t waste time taking off the remainder of our clothes. You lay down on the blanket and I move in on top of you. My hard Homey slides into to your beautiful wet flower. I kiss your lips and neck as I lovingly thrust into your flower. Homey is beyond excitement.  

I groan and yell out: “I love you!!!!!!” as Homey explodes inside you. 

I cover us up with blanket as we kiss and caress in the back my SUV, Edger II. We hear the fall of water outside in the park. You satisfy my wildest fantasy on our first meeting. You are my Xena, warrior princess, wonder woman. My perfect woman. Homey and I belong to you. 

With love, 


So, Xena’s sexual mind can be a little more erotic than Homey. There are many sides of Xena that make her the perfect woman for Homey and Jim. 

End Of Chapter 27 

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I liken myself to the Vienna Violinist described in chapter 5. I play (write) for your enjoyment and mine. Happy Valentine’s Day and God bless you all. 

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