Homey’s Adventures Too, Chapter 2

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have read my blog posts and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.” As promised for this week, I am providing you with chapter 2 of “Homey’s Adventures Too”: 

Chapter 2 – After Cancun 

If you remember from my last book, I was in love with two women. I nicknamed one of the women Doctor Doctor and the other My Muse. I chatted with both women on foreign websites that cost to chat on. Both websites have a 100% guarantee that there are no con-artists on their websites, and they will reimburse you the cost of your communication if you are conned. 

Neither woman showed up in Cancun where I vacationed with my sister and brother-in-law. The closest Homey got to being satisfied in Cancun was a beautiful smile from one of a hotel’s concierge women. She was an incredibly beautiful young graceful woman. Jim’s ideal wife has grace, character, and loves to make love. 

Before the true sad ending in my last book, there was a chapter about a meeting a little friend of a Colombian model. Jim went down to Bogota to meet and whisk this model away to Las Vegas to get married. Jim was not only stood up by the model, but she sent her little 4-foot 11-inch overweight friend to have surrogate sex with Jim. I do not really know if the little friend was really the model. That is, she just pretended to be a model online. Or was she just a little friend of a model who has little character. 

If fact, I do not know if anyone on the Colombian website is real because I have never met anyone from that website including my Doctor Doctor. The only evidence I have that Doctor Doctor is real is that I have pictures of her receiving gifts that I sent her through the website. 

I nicknamed her the Doctor Doctor after the song performed by Robert Palmer in the 1970’s. I even wrote new lyrics for the song as a love note to her. I have spent more time with that woman than any other woman online. She has sent me many naked pictures of herself, and I have seen about every inch of her body. She has laughing eyes, blond hair down to her rear end, the biggest most beautiful breasts in the world, a flat stomach that makes those big breasts even more impressive and an hourglass figure that would make almost any man drool. 

Her body is not what I fell in love with. I fell in love with her grace and her compassion to heal the sick and injured and her sexy mind. So, she met two of my 3 criteria perfectly, grace and loves making love, but like every other woman I encountered on the Colombian website, she has little character. She has promised Jim many times to meet and many times we did not meet. So, I stopped talking to her. I stopped talking to her but only after spending thousands of dollars on that worthless website. 

The Colombian website’s software is substandard by USA standards. Just to stay in touch with the doc, I had to create two profiles. On busy days, the basic functions of chat broke down. It also blackmails the women. If they leave the website, they threaten the women to give out all their personal information to every man on the website including their address and phone number. 

I tried to get my money back for the failed meeting with the Colombian model. They had chats as evidence, and I gave them emails that I had with her.  

They said: “We need screenshots before we can send it to their fraud unit.” 

 I responded:  If you review the material that I gave you, I will be happy to make screen shots of any part of the emails that you want.” 

“We need screen shots of everything you sent us.” 

I guess they wanted to make sure that I did not alter anything, but I was not sure how they could tell if I altered the emails that I sent them. So, I did not see the point of making hundreds of screen shots. If I wanted to falsify it, I would just do it before I took the screen shot. 

 I saw this as hopeless, and they did not live up to their no scam guarantee. This is further evidence to me that the website is ran by a bunch of crooks. 

In the last part of October of 2018, the woman that I nicknamed My Muse commanded: “I want you to come to Kiev.” 

I eagerly responded: “I will make a request through the Ukrainian website.” 

She again commanded: “I don’t want to wait.” 

The Ukrainian website needs about two weeks to set up a meeting, but My Muse wanted to see me as soon as possible. When it comes to love, I have learned that he who hesitates loses out. 

My Muse was just under 5 foot six inches tall. She had a perfect hourglass figure but her most outstanding feature was her blue green eyes and her perfect smile. If she grew up in the USA, I believe she would have been a super model like Adrianna Lima. Like the Doctor Doctor, she had a beautiful sexy mind. In fact, I nicknamed her My Muse because she like to give me ideas for my Homey Adventures.  

She liked the idea of being in the woods and making love. One time she gave me the following lead: “We are lost in the woods. What would you do to me?” 

I thought about it for about a day and responded: “You have stumped Homey darling. I cannot write a love scene. If we are lost in the woods, I think the last thing we would think of was fucking like bunnies on the forest floor.” 

We were playing a game that I called “Stump the Homey.” This is a game where she would give me ideas and I would write a sexy adventure. This is the only time anyone has stumped Homey. We would be too concerned about avoiding bears and starving to think of sex. 

She was 24 and even though she looked and sounded like a very mature woman, I found out that she was not. I rushed to her only to be stood up in Kiev. That was a long way to go to be stood up and she did not seem to understand the gravity of her mistake. Fortunately, the Ukraine website does honor their guarantees and they gave me 20,000 credits to spend on someone else. This is equal to the $2,000 USD of credits.  

While I was in Kiev for the second time, I was not only disappointed by not meeting My Muse, but I was robbed. 

I contacted my friend Agatha. I had two dates with Agatha in Kiev the year before. Things did not work out with Agatha, but she was still my loving friend. She could not meet me because she was out of town on business. She did recommend a restaurant within walking distance of my hotel. She also recommended the hotel where I stayed at in Kiev. So, I went to the front desk of the hotel to get a map and directions and headed out to get dinner.  

The restaurant was not in a commercial area of town. St. Andrew’s church and church yard were on my right and housing on my left. There were not that many streetlights and I was walking up a hill. A man passed me and dropped something. I did not pick it up and walked on. He then turned to me looking for what he dropped. I pointed to the small package that he dropped. He picked it up and said thank you. I walked on. 

He came trotting after me and tugging on my arm: “Excuse me sir, where is my other money?” 

 “I don’t know. I only saw you drop the packet that you just picked up.”  

 I then walked on. He ran behind me pleading: “Please sir, I am poor, and I need my other money. “ 

I just walked on and hoped he would not attack me. 

Then, another man walked up flipping his wallet at me like he had a badge and quickly stuck his wallet back in his pants.  

 “Excuse me sir, this man says that you picked up his money and kept it.” 

 “No. I did not. I only saw the one packet that he dropped.” 

I opened my dinner jacket and let him search me. 

“I need to see your wallet.” 

I thought it was strange that he wanted to see my wallet, but I was in a foreign country, and I gave him my wallet. 

 He took the money I had in my wallet and gave it to the other man to look at. I had about $160 USD and just as much in Ukraine money. After the other man looked at it, the policeman stuffed my money back in my wallet, and then stuffed it in my sports jacket pocket.  

He put his arm around my shoulder. He leaned in and talked softly close to my ear: “Don’t be in this part of the town at night because some Ukrainians don’t like Americans. You could get hurt.” 

 While he was talking to me, his confederate slipped away. 

  I walked on feeling threatened. I was at the top of the hill when I thought to check my wallet. Yes, they pulled a slight of hand that I did not notice and stuffed only the Ukraine money back into my wallet.  

I could not find the restaurant that Agatha recommended. So, I went back to my hotel hungry and robbed. I ate something at the hotel restaurant and went to bed. I was in a foreign country, and I did not want involvement with the police even though I was there legally. 

I thought about it and the next morning, I reported the robbery to the hotel. I was thinking that the people at the desk knew where I was going. They also told me it was a safe walk to get there. I thought maybe one of the desk people called the robbers and told them where I would be. I ended up talking to the hotel manager through an interpreter. When the manager understood how I was robbed, he explained it back to the interpreter in Russian. Apparently, it was a common swindle and robbery. I could tell this when he flipped open his wallet speaking in Russian to the interpreter.  

The interpreter then spoke: “The only thing we can do is call the police.” 

 “I’m here on vacation and it was only $160. I don’t want to make my trip even worse by talking to the police.” 

I spent the next day a little too depressed to go out. So, I talked online to women on the Ukrainian website.  

One of the women who I nicknamed Precious scolded me: “You are so gullible!” 

I defended myself: “In my country, if you resist arrest, they throw you in jail. The last thing I want is to spend the rest of my time in Kiev in a Ukrainian jail.” 

Two days after the robbery, I did decide to go for a walk. From my hotel bedroom, I could see a major street was lit up brightly all night. For added safety, I walk out of my hotel just before noon. I did this because I was encouraged to get out of my room by a sexologist that I just met on the Ukrainian website.  

I walked about two miles up this main thoroughfare until the streetlights ended. I spotted a McDonald’s and went in to grab lunch. I looked at all the signs and they were in Russian or Ukrainian. I realized that I could not order anything and walked back to the hotel. Unlike my first trip to Kiev, I felt lost and alone. I did not find any charm in the part of town where my hotel was. In fact, I could not even order a cheeseburger. 

Online some women scolded me for coming to see someone else. Others ignored me. Only two women offered to meet me, but one was in Odessa which is a 5-hour drive from Kiev and the other said she was sick. These are the only two women I spent any time with on the Ukrainian website after my trip to Kiev. 

 My second and last trip to Kiev changed Homey’s Adventures forever. I have no desire to ever go back to Kiev. I had an exciting time on my first trip. I met the gorgeous and gracious Agatha. I got to see and enjoy the historical Podil district. The result of this trip was meeting no one and being robbed. I was robbed outside of St. Andrew’s church. My father’s name was Andrew. I do not believe in coincidence. Was I being divinely directed in a new direction?

 I spent most of the 20,000 free credits that I got from the website talking to the sexologist and yes, I fell in love with her. She is the subject of my next chapter. 

End of Chapter 2 

I hope you enjoyed chapter 2. I will give you Chapter 3 – Xena next week. My new book has 32 chapters. So, if you want to receive all 32 chapters automatically, then become a follower of this blog. 

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