“Homey’s Adventures Too” Chapter 1 – Homey’s Back for More

First and foremost, thank you to all who have read my blog posts and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.” 

Last week, I shared with you the first chapter of my first book. This week, I am sharing with you the first chapter of my unpublished second book.  

I describe my style of writing as journalistic fiction. Three of my favorite authors are Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and John Steinbeck. Mark Twain started out authoring short stories based on his experiences in the gold rush days of California. Ernest Hemingway wrote “A Farewell to Arms” based on his experience as an ambulance driver in World War 1.  

John Steinbeck spent his summers working on nearby ranches while growing up in California and later with migrant workers on a sugar beet farm. There he learned of the harsher aspects of the migrant life and the darker side of human nature, which supplied him with material expressed in “Of Mice and Men.” He explored his surroundings, walking across local forests, fields, and farms. “Of Mice and Men” is my favorite book of all time. I first read it when I was just coming of age.  

Steinbeck also wrote “Travels with Charley.” My third book of the Homey’s Adventures” series will be a travelogue too and I hope to borrow Steinbeck’s style and brilliance. 

I am the type of person that finishes things. Before I write my third book, I need to do something with “Homey’s Adventures Too.”  I am now 71, I do not have time to spend on haggling with editors, literary agents, and publishers. So, I have decided to try publishing my book on this blog. If you like this idea, click on the like button at the end of this blog. If you really like this idea, then go to the bottom of my home page and donate to funding my third book. 

Without further delay, here is the first chapter of “Homey’s Adventures Too”:

Greetings call me Jim Wish. That is not my real name, but I don’t use real names in this book. Homey is the brain between my legs and short for horny old man. You see, I’m in my late 60’s and I still want one beautiful woman to love me as my wife. I believe every man has a Homey. Some men let that part of them control their behavior and probably too much of it. 

The other part of me, Jim, is a lover of Christ and wants to share the love of Christ with others. Jim has gotten me into more trouble than Homey.  

No, I do not have a split personality. I believe all men have a Jim and a Homey. They just don’t always realize it. I have been asked: Are you religious? My answer is always the same. I love the father, the son, and the holy spirit with my heart, soul, and mind. The pharisees were religious and Jesus gave us many examples of ways not to be like the pharisees. I want to do what Christ wants me to do. 

Do not get me wrong, both Jim and Homey are sinners. In fact, all men are sinners except Jesus. 

I am eclectic in the sense; I can be talking with a beautiful woman about God in one instant and about sex in the next. I am like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what is going to come out of me next. 

This book, “Homey’s Adventures Too,” is about me. The adventure part of the book is mostly about Homey’s fantasies and real-life adventures. I ask you not to judge Jim or Homey for your sake. In the book of Mathew, Jesus says we should not judge because we will be judged on judgement day by God according to the way we judged others. In fact, for this reason, I fear God most of all because of the way I have judged others. 

I also ask you not to be prejudice because of my age. I believe built into our culture in the USA is a lot of age prejudice. We force old people to retire whether they want to or not. We then stick them into old age homes. Well, I can tell you that I can have sex better than a 20-year-old because of the wonders of medical science. I also have the age and wisdom not to repeat my mistakes. In fact, one of my favorite subjects is history. My favorite quote about history is: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

I also love water aerobics and exercise and music is in my soul. For Homey, my future wife’s moans are music to my ears and her cum is evidence to me that I am doing something right. 

I am a romantic. Romance can be good and not so good, but it is always exciting. 

I grew up during the so-called sexual revolution here in the USA. Playboy magazine led the way. However, it took me over 60 years to come to the belief that God created sex for a man and his wife. And there is nothing wrong with sex because God created it and all of God’s creations are good. 

In my first book, “Homey’s Adventures,” I tell you, my reader, a lot about myself and how I got to where I am now. I will not repeat myself. If you want to know this, please buy, and read my first book. This book is about Homey’s continued optimism and failure. I am the youngest child of a brother and a sister. I am lovingly stubborn. 

For those of you who have read my first book, this is the sequel to the sad ending. I wrote two endings to my first book because I am a stubborn optimist and Hollywood always wants a happy ending. Even if the writer ends the book in a sad ending, Hollywood often fabricates a happy ending. I am an honest man. So, I wrote two endings and left it up to the reader to choose their favorite. Based on my small sample, most people like my happy ending better. 

I credit my best friend, Sherlock, with the idea of having a sequel for the both the sad ending and the happy ending. I want to love all my readers. If a work of Hollywood type fantasy is what will keep them buying my books, then I will write it. 

Where we left off in the sad ending is my laments and my belief that God knows what I need and when I need it. The 3 chapters after the sad ending are all based on truth. In fact, the happy ending is only partially false in that no woman met me in Cancun, but I did enjoy Cancun with my sister and brother-in-law. 

I hope you enjoyed chapter 1. I will give you Chapter 2 – After Cancun next week. My new book has 32 chapters. So, if you want to receive all 32 chapters automatically, then become a follower of this blog. If I ever do traditionally publish this book, I plan to include wonder woman on the cover. By the end of the book, you will understand why.

If you don’t want to wait that long and you have not read my first book. I encourage you to go to my website, www.homeysadventures.com. You can read the first two chapters for free, and you can also purchase it. Or you can purchase it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other fine retailers. Just search for it using the words: Homey’s Adventures by Jim Wish. 

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Jim Wish is a pen name of a romance novelist. He wrote Homey's Adventure which was published in January of 2020.

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