Chapter 1 – “Homey’s Adventures”

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have read my blog posts and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.” 

In my past blogs, I have mentioned to all of you that you can go to my website and read the first two chapters of my book. However, if you are like me, you may not want to bother to travel to another website to read something else. We live in a world of convenience, and we all hold our time as being precious. So, I have decided to publish chapter 1 here for your convenience. 

On my blog home page, I provide a review of “Homey’s Adventures.” In that review, Arron Washington of Pacific Book Review says this about the introduction of Jim and Homey: 

Jim Wish’s writing can be described as light, comical, and engaging. The beginning of the chapter gives you an insight into the author’s mind and the content you are about to consume throughout the chapters. The first chapter was humorous. Jim Wish is the type of writer whose work you want to keep next to you because the words used are both clever and entertaining. The reader gets introduced to Jim and Homey. These two personalities make the main character. I chuckled throughout as I read the distinct descriptions of each, as the author wittily explained both personalities. Reading onward, one would assume that Jim Wish was talking about split personalities. This line of thought is however disproved as the author in fact states that he does not have a split personality and explains why every man has a Jim and a Homey. Reading this explanation made me realize how much of a sharp mind Jim Wish is. It is as if he can predict the reader’s imagination, and so he beforehand answers the questions that any reader may have had while still narrating. This element in the author’s writing keeps reappearing on several chapters in the book. It is a great feature of Jim Wish’s style of writing as it makes comprehension easy for the reader. 

So, without further delay, I give you Chapter 1: 

Chapter 1 

Greetings from Homey 

Greetings, you can call me Jim Wish. That’s not my real name, but I don’t use real names in this book. That would be a form of gossip, and Christ says not to gossip. In addition, some of my dysfunctional behavior I describe in this book would make Portnoy of Portnoy’s Complaint look like a choirboy.  

Homey is the brain between my legs and is short for “horny old man.” You see, I’m in my late sixties, and I still want one beautiful woman to love me as my wife. I believe every man has a Homey. Some, maybe most, men let that part of them control their behavior—and probably too much of it. 

The other part of me, Jim, is a lover of Christ and wants to share the love of Christ with others. Believe it or not, Jim has gotten me into more trouble than Homey has. I will explain this later in the book. A lot of this book is about Jim’s spiritual growth and how the Holy Spirit has grown strong inside me. My faith in Jesus is not just faith because Jesus has shown me more than once that he does exist. I will also be telling you about that later in the book. 

No, I don’t have a split personality. I believe all men have a Jim and a Homey. They just don’t always realize it. I have been asked, “Are you religious?” My answer is always the same. I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with my heart, soul, and mind. The Pharisees were religious, and Jesus gave us many examples of ways not to be like the Pharisees. I want to do what Christ wants me to do. 

Don’t get me wrong, both Jim and Homey are sinners. In fact, all men are sinners except Jesus. 

I am eclectic in the sense I can be talking with a beautiful woman about God in one instant and about sex in the next. I’m like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what is going to come out of me next. 

This book, Homey’s Adventures, is about me. The adventure part of the book is mostly about Homey’s fantasies. I ask you not to judge Jim or Homey for your sake. In the book of Mathew, Jesus says we should not judge because we will be judged on Judgment Day by God according to the way we have judged others. In fact, for this reason, I fear God most of all because of the way I have judged others. 

I also ask you not to be prejudiced because of my age. I believe a lot of age prejudice is built into American culture. We force old people to retire whether they want to or not, and then we stick them in old age homes. Well, I can tell you that I can have sex better than a twenty-year-old because of the wonders of medical science. I also have the age and wisdom not to repeat my mistakes. In fact, one of my favorite subjects is history. My favorite quote about history is “A man who does not know history is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.” 

I also love water aerobics and exercise, and music is in my soul. For Homey, my future wife’s moans are music to my ears, and her cum is evidence to me that I am doing something right. 

I am a romantic. Romance can be good and not so good, but it is always exciting. 

I grew up during the so-called sexual revolution in the United States. Playboy magazine led the way, but it took me more than sixty years to come to the belief that God made sex for a man and his wife. There is nothing wrong with sex because God created it, and all of God’s creations are good. 

I hope I have caused you, my reader, to have interest. Before I get into the adventure parts, I need to tell you about Jim’s history. 

I hope you enjoyed the convenience of reading this first chapter here. If you want to learn more about Jim and Homey, please visit my website: You can read the first two chapters of my first book for free there. You can also buy my book from the website, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble or many other fine retailers. Just search for “Homey’s Adventures” by Jim Wish. 

Also, on my home blog page, I have added a donation box. In my last blog, I likened myself to a Vienna street entertainer violinist. If you like what I play (post), then any donation is welcome. 

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Jim Wish is a pen name of a romance novelist. He wrote Homey's Adventure which was published in January of 2020.

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