Doctor Doctor

First and foremost, thank you to all who have read my blog posts and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.” 

Last week, I repeated my post of “Ideal Woman” as a tribute to you, my reader. This post was my most popular post out of 36 posts. I can tell you it was equally popular the second time around! One of my primary goals in writing this blog is to make you happy. So, I thought: Give them “Doctor Doctor.” 

Doctor Doctor” is a chapter from “Homey’s Adventures,” the prequel to my new book. Like the chapter on my Xena, it introduces the main female protagonist of the book. So, here it is and please enjoy: 

Chapter 8 – Doctor Doctor 

Doctor Doctor is a Colombian pediatrician who I fell in love with online. She is 5 foot 6 inches and therefore almost my perfect desired height. On the Colombian website sending naked pictures is allowed and I have seen every inch of her glorious body. I can tell you that she has the most beautiful exceptionally large breasts in the world. She has laughing eyes that make you feel happy as you talk to her. She may also be the most gracious woman that I have ever met. Her long flat stomach gave me wet dreams along with her wonderful breasts. She also had long muscular legs that made me drool when I saw them from behind along with her beautiful flower.  

My favorite position is doggie style because of the student nurse and the doc’s rear end and flower are wonderful for that. We had cybersex countless times and her responses not only made me cum, but they also gave me a lot of promising ideas for the Homey adventures.  

With this description, I have given you a hint as to why I stopped talking to the doctor at the end of June 2018. Can you guess what it is? 

The doc didn’t like letters sent to her, so most of the adventures Homey had with her were via chat on the website. We would have cybersex and then chat for hours or chat with her for hours and then have cybersex. It was all good. This cost me thousands of dollars. I met the doc just after my divorce started, but I could not spend that much time with her because of the lock down enforced by the lawyers. During my divorce, I could only spend money on daily essentials.  

At the end of January 2018, I reached an agreement with my wife through our lawyers to settle the divorce out of court. I took pictures that day of me in a sports jacket and this was the happiest day of the last 18 years for me. Free at last! Free at last! I also started chatting with this wonderful woman on the Colombian website. She was my Doctor Doctor! 

I nicknamed her Doctor Doctor after the Robert Palmer song: “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor).” I would listen to the song as I chatted with her. I can still here that wonderful jazzy rock song in my head: 


A hot summer night, fell like a net 
  I’ve gotta find my baby yet 
  I need you, to soothe my head 
  And turn my blue heart to red 

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 
  No pill’s gonna cure my ill 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 

A pretty face don’t make no pretty heart 
  I learned that buddy from the start 
  You think I’m cute, a little bit shy 
  Mama, I ain’t that kind of guy 

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 
  No pill’s gonna cure my ill 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 

I know you like it; you like it on top 
  Tell me mamma, are you gonna stop? 

You had me down twenty-one to zip 
  Smile of Judas on your lip 
  Shake my fist, knock on wood 
  I got it bad, and I got it good 

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 
  No pill’s gonna cure my ill 

Homey was so much in love with her, he wrote his own lyrics to the same song: 


You know you’re the one, the one for me. 
  I don’t need to look, look no more 
  I need you, to soothe my head 
  And turn my blue heart to red 

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 
  No pill’s gonna cure my ill 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 

Your laughing eyes, your pretty face 
  Your big breasts all over the place😍 
  I think your cute, I love you more 
  Mama, I can’t get enough of you. 

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 
  No pill’s gonna cure my ill 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 

I could marry you, marry you today 
  You know I would, I would not stop! 

They would put me in cuffs 
  They would put me in jail too: 
  Shake my fist, knock on wood 
  I got it bad, and I got it good 

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 
  No pill’s gonna cure my ill 
  I got a bad case of lovin’ you 

The end 

My wonderful Doctor Doctor,  I hope this tells you everything you need to know. After my divorce, I want to come and get you. I hope a smart man doesn’t steal you away before then. Only, God knows what we need, but I want you my Doctor Doctor. If God thinks I need you, then I am the luckiest man on earth. 

I love you. 


Homey also added a verse on February 14th, Valentine’s day: 

Happy Valentine’s Day and Ash Day Too.  
I got it bad, and I got it good.  

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news.  
I got a bad case of lovin’ you.  
No pill’s gonna cure my ill.  
I got a bad case of lovin’ you.  

Yes, Homey had it bad! This would become Homey’s anthem for this wonderful, gorgeous woman. Homey planned to sing it to her on one knee and then ask for her hand in marriage. 

Having cybersex, that is masturbating at the same time she is masturbating, can be intense and a bonding aphrodisiac. If you combine this with love, it is emotionally explosive. I did write some Homey adventures for her in addition to the cybersex. This one is a good example of our cybersex: 

It is Spring in Eureka, MO. I moved here 18 years ago (see home), and I guess God never wanted me to move away. In Greek, Eureka means “I found it” and now I have found the women of my dreams. I’m in bed. It is raining outside, and you are next to me. This is going to be a great day for Jim and Homey! 

Our bedroom is over the two-car garage. It is massive and the size of a two-car garage. Our bed is massive too, but I can feel the most beautiful rear end in the world right next to me!  

I slide over to you and whisper in your ear: “Are you awake, it’s raining outside?” 

 I can feel you smile. I reach around and gently caress one of your magnificent breasts and stroke it very softly. I kiss your softly on the neck. I move my hand down and rub the top of your clit softly. I again kiss the nape of your neck.  

Homey is hard because I can’t be this close to my naked beautiful Doctor Doctor and not be hard. You’re on your side and I put a hard homey between your legs just below your wonderful butt from behind. I reach around and caress your magnificent breast again. This time I pinch your nipple to add to your excitement. I move my hand down and stroke your clit.  

I whisper in your ear: “If you want homey, you need you need to cum like the rain 😊.” 

I start kissing the nape of your neck and in between I tell your how much I love that you have made my life complete. I stoke your clit and pinch and caress your breasts urging you to squirt your sweet, wonderful cum. I keep homey close to your pussy and sometimes push him to the outside lips of your pussy to tease you. 

I know you have such a sexy mind that you will think of a way to squirt and get homey inside you. I WANT INSIDE YOU, but I also want to please you in bed, so I hold back my desire. I know you will more than please me later. 

You start squirting and I’m so turned on. I move homey into your pussy slowly at first, but I can’t wait to start pumping hard. I’M SO TURNED ON BY YOUR SQUIRTING PUSSY! I pump harder and harder from behind. You’re moaning and I’m grunting at the top of our lungs. You cum all over homey. Homey explodes cum inside you. 

We fall back. We are both smiling because we know this is just the beginning of a rainy day. I want to stay in bed and sleep and make love to you all day long.💕😍💗 

I love you my Doctor Doctor. This is another fix for your addiction of me. I will never deny you satisfaction! 

With love, 


She liked this but she preferred cybersex so that she could tell me what she wanted as we did it. She loved making love. Yes! I had a very dysfunctional marriage for so long. Of the 3 qualities that I wanted in my next wife, gracious, has character, and loves making love, loves making love was the most important quality to me. I had a starvation for sweet love! Doc satisfied this starvation like no other woman online. 

The doc had a dog named Duke and I had a cat named Coco. Coco was my daughter’s cat that she left at home when she graduated from college and moved to Colorado. Coco is old for a cat, 19 years old. For Homey, these two animals were symbolic of the happy family life of the Doctor Doctor and I could have together. I was hoping for the doc to come to St. Louis at the end of April because that was when my divorce would be final and over. Homey wrote this adventure as a visualization of this wonderful meeting: 

This the first week in June. Coco and I have been waiting a long time for Doctor Doctor and Duke.  

I tell Coco: “You be good because I’m going to go pick them up. Coco looks at me and meows (see picture).” 

I get to the airport and my Doctor Doctor is picking up her luggage and Duke. We load everything up in my SUV and head for home. I suggest we make a stop at Creve Cour Park which is close to the airport and let Duke out and let him run around a bit.  

We will just walk and talk and enjoy each other’s company for a while before heading home (see pictures). Duke must be stressed riding in the belly of that plane and the park might be good medicine for him. I know walking in the park with my Doctor Doctor is good medicine for me😍. We stopped at a small store before we go to the park and get some water for Duke and something for us to snack on as we walk around. 

After our respite in the park, we load back up and head home. It is about a 40-minute drive and when we get there, I unload the SUV and show everybody around. Of course, Coco is nowhere to be found. As soon as she smelled Duke, she hid. We make sure that Duke cannot get out of the fenced in backyard and that he knows how to use the doggie door. We then let him run in the backyard.  

On the kitchen table is 12 roses and a sign that says in Spanish: Welcome home Duke and My Doctor Doctor.  

I pull champagne out of the refrigerator and pour two glasses and kiss you and say: “Welcome home my love.” 

 We toast and drink more champagne.  

I say: “Well, you must be tired from your trip.” 

You say: “I’m not THAT tired! You grab the champagne bottle, take me by the hand, and lead me upstairs.” 

You put the bottle and the glasses on the nightstand and say: “I would like to take a shower. Want to join me?” 

 I say: “Yes mam!”  

You take off your clothes and get in the shower. I follow you in. Homey is hard, and I place him on your butt.  

I put my arms around your waist, kiss the nape of your neck and I whisper in your ear: “You have been a bad girl. You have been writing an old man in St. Louis.” 

You smile and say: “Yes. You must spank me.” 

I playfully spank you and then turn you around and passionately kiss you. I then kiss down to your magnificent breasts and suck and kiss them with great passion. Your breasts are wonderful! I continue down to your belly button and give you a big raspberry and you giggle with delight. I continue down to your beautiful pussy and lick it just twice and stop. 

You say: “What’s wrong?  

I say: “You’ve been a bad girl. You’ve been sending naughty pictures to an old man in St. Louis.” 

 You say: “Yes, you must spank me.” 

 I smile and say: “No, I’m going to ravage your beautiful pussy.” 

 I then kiss and suck and bite your pussy voraciously and I grab your beautiful nipple and pinch them to add to your excitement. You moan and start to cum on my face. I’m excited unbelievably and pin you against the shower wall and put my hard homey in you slowly at first and then harder and faster and kissing you passionately. I am grabbing you as tight as I can, calling your name and yelling how much I love you! Homey bursts his cum inside you! 

I lead you to bed and lay you down. You look exhausted from your trip. I climb in beside you and give you comfort until you drift off to sleep. I then get up and put my clothes and go check on Duke. I had bought Duke a fetch toy. I start playing with Duke in the backyard.  

You wake up a couple of hours later and see Coco on the couch on the other side of the master bedroom. You get up and say hello, pick her up, and start petting her. You walk over to the master bath and look out the window and see Duke and I playing fetch. You think to yourself. Thank you, God, I am home😊 

The end 

I hope you love this doc because I wrote it out of my love for you. 

 Jim and Homey 

Since the doc didn’t like letters, I used a Babylon translator and put it in Spanish for her and took a picture of it. Even though she was a very smart women, she intentionally avoided learning about computers. Her father who was also a doctor thought computer were evil and so her upbringing contributed to this lack of knowledge. 

I was so in love with her that I cleaned the laundry room and bought a dog bed for Duke and chew toy and top-quality food bowls and dog food. 

She didn’t come to St. Louis at the end of April. She always had a very plausible excuse for everything. For example, she told me that she could not give me her contact information because the website would give it to every man on the website. I checked with the Colombian lawyer that I knew from before and she verified that is what the website would do. I thought those assholes were blackmailing young women. That is when I really started to hate the Colombian website and I still do hate this website to this day. Assholes! 

After she didn’t show up, I concentrated on Tat, then I discovered Tat had the baby boy that I didn’t know about. No luck there. In the later part of May, I sent the doc this love letter in both English and Spanish: 

Yesterday, I went on and on about porn, sex, and love and 50 Shades of Gray. You might be thinking why is he so fixated on this? I told you before that since the last 18 years of my life were dysfunction and without love and affection. Love is my number one goal for my future. After our conversation yesterday and in between my dreams of you and sleep, I thought God made me go through the last 18 years so that I could appreciate and love you during the next years like I’m supposed to! And then I thought what if God is giving you to me to help me achieve my loving goals! I don’t know what is in God’s mind, but what if baby! 

I thought of another quality about you that I love the most. I love the fact that you get up every day and go to work doctoring and try to save your grandmother from dying. What a beautiful loving act! So, that means your sexy mind and incredible body is now third on my list. LOL 

Baby, yes, I want and will enjoy rough sex and role playing with you. I also want and will enjoy sweet love making. I will do both out of love because I know of no other way that fits my nature. 

You can also help with another kind of love. You can help me love my neighbor as Jesus wants me to. For example, my church has a mission that goes to Haiti and builds housing for a week every fall. My ex-wife never wanted me to go. Hell, my ex-wife never wanted to go to church with me, let alone something like this. You can encourage and help me do things like this. In fact, maybe you would like to go too?  

So, baby, this is my sloppy love letter. I hope you like it. I’m madly in love with you❤😍❤. 

  Jim and Homey 

As I said before, with doc, the homey adventures were mixed with an occasional written Homey Adventure. Sometimes I would use a Homey Adventure as a basis of cybersex. Doc loved all kinds of sex, and she was frequently very horny. One of the first Homey Adventures I gave her was what I called Rough Hot Tub Sex: 

You have come to St Louis to visit, and you are staying with me in Eureka which is a small hamlet outside of St. Louis.  

It is a wonderful day, and we get to up go to the zoo in Forest Park in St. Louis (pictures attached). I love walking around and I’m hoping the animals in the zoo make you horny because I want to get laid tonight 😍. 

Nearby is the nationally highly ranked Washington University Medical Center. I take you there in case you may want to continue either your specialty training there or work there. 

We come back home happy and relaxed. I’m upstairs changing, and you call to me. I look over the railing and see that you don’t have a lot on. I love those big, beautiful breasts, so, I of course race downstairs and you are on the couch showing me your tight beautiful pussy by drawing your sexy panties back with a pencil. OMG homey is instantly hard. I go into the downstairs bathroom and apply my tri-mix shot because tonight I know you want to be fucked not just made love to. The shot will help Homey stay hard for up to 3 hours. 

I then make two drinks and come over to the couch and kiss you on the cheek.  

I hand you a drink and say: “Baby would you like to join me in the hot tub?” 

 You smile at me and nod yes. 

I help you into the hot tub and I almost pre-cum just watching you get in. Your body is fantastic, and I love you to death. I get in behind you and kiss the nape of you neck. I then position you so that your clit is being hit exactly right by a jet of water. You feel my hard cock on your butt, and I slowly insert it into your tight pussy from behind. I reach around start rubbing to help you get more excited. I reach around with my other hand and squeeze one of your magnificent breasts to add to your pleasure. I start pumping from the back harder. I pinch your nipple to add to your excitement. I pump harder and start slapping your beautiful ass with my groin and you start to moan with joy. You feel my hard cock swell and that gets you even more excited. I’m ready to cum but I hold back knowing tonight, you want to be fucked many times. 

I take a hand full of your hair and pull you across the hot tub and sit you down in a seat in the opposite corner. I put my hard cock between your breasts and squeeze them around it. I’m so excited because I really like fucking your beautiful big breasts. On the upswing, I pull your head back by your hair and insert my hard cock in your mouth. You can hardly breath, but you suck it with passion. Up and down, I get so excited I can’t help but cum in your mouth and all over you face. 

I lift you up and passionately kiss you tasting my own cum. I place you on the side of the hot tub and insert my still hard cock into your pussy again. This time, I have my arms around you so tight that you can hardly breath. I feel your wonderful breasts on my breasts and that makes me so turned on. I’m pumping you hard as you sit on the side of the hot tub and I whispering in your ear how much I love you and how your sweet love has saved me. You are now moaning and cum all over homey. I am groaning again. We are so loud that the next-door neighbors light comes on to see what’s going on. I explode again inside you. 

We relax and take our drinks and toast to a wonderful day with the animals and being animals 😋 

I hope you like this my love. It is just for you 😍 


Doc tended to like rough sex and she liked her hair pulled. One of her favorites was fucking without compassion. I would mount her missionary style and pump her hard and not laying on her. I would call out demands that she was my woman and she had to call out my name. I would grab her huge breasts, pinch her nipples, and thrust deep into her pussy, hard, and fast. I would continue to demand that she was my woman, and she would respond by calling out my name. I would grab her small waist and thrust deep into her pussy and cum. Since this was cybersex, we would both cum and she would send me a picture of her wet pussy with cum and I would send her a picture of homey with cum. 

One day doc was in her office, and I said I wouldn’t bother her when she was working. She said the door was closed and she wanted Homey hard. Creatively, my mind started racing.  

We both started masturbating. I said we were standing kissing. I unzipped her doctors’ uniform and started sucking her magnificent breasts and massaging her clit at the same time. Then I turned her around and bent her over her office desk. I slipped her panties off and spread her legs into a V. I inserted my hard homey. Slowly at first and then I started thrusting into her hard and fast. I continued to grab her breasts and then waist to make my thrusts deeper into her pussy. Things started dropping and flying off her desk: the pencil holder, her knickknacks, and her office pad. We heard a clatter as her stapler dropped to the floor. With one deep thrust, I came inside her.  

After we both came, she sent me a picture of her wet pussy and her cum. She had just masturbated in her office! What a beautiful sexy mind. I wanted her for the rest of my life. 

I was so fixated on giving her pleasure, I went to the men’s clinic and purchased $3,000 worth of state-of-the-art therapies. One series of therapies were to make Homey 20% larger both in length and in girth. They took my blood and separated out the serum and combined it with their special formula. They then injected this concoction directly into the penis. The follow up to this procedure was to put my cock in a vacuum tube twice a day and take low dose Cialis daily. Homey was always horny after the vacuum tube therapy, and it did make Homey larger. I took many pictures of Homey and shared them with the doc.  

The second procedure was to apply special sound waves directly to the penis twice a month and 16 visits. This increased the blood vessels in the penis and increased the frequency of natural erections without chemical aids like Viagra. This worked too because for the first time in years I was getting erections in the middle of the night at around 3:00 AM.  

A clinic employee said this was because my testosterone peaked at that time. The doc was usually up at that time, and we frequently had cybersex until the morning light. Again, she was wonderful! I told her that I made Homey just for her and she knew what I meant because she knew of the procedures I purchased. 

I suggested that I come down to Bogota and I would propose to her when she met me at the airport at the end of May. I would get down on one knee and give her a ring. Then, she suggested that we find an elevator and she would get down on her knees and suck homey. That started a whole new cybersex session. I ended up fucking her in the elevator after she sucked on homey. She always loved the idea of sucking on homey. 

Just before the end of May, doc was out jogging, and a bicyclist ran over her. She showed me her cast and said she didn’t want me to come to Bogota until she healed.  

I pleaded with her: “Let me come and take care of you.” 

She said: “I don’t not want you to see her like this at our first meeting.” 

I said: “You are gorgeous under any circumstances, and it doesn’t matter to me.” 

But she would not let me come. There was something else going on and I started getting suspicious. 

To entice her more, I showed her a ring I had bought (see picture) and asked: “Should I take it back while I still can.” 

 She said: “No, don’t take it back.” 

I told her: “It was now a symbol of our love and her promise that we would get together after her leg healed.”  

Her leg seemed to take forever to heal, and I started noticing little slips in our chats that she had gone back to work. I pleaded with her to be completely honest with me because if I found out that she had been lying to me, I would have to end the relationship. My ideal woman has character and doesn’t lie to someone who wants to marry her. I already had given her the benefit of my doubts when she didn’t show in April and in May. She had good excuses, but still I had to wonder. My ideal woman does what she says and says what she is going to do.  

We decided that we would not have real sex before our marriage. She would meet me in Las Vegas. We would get married and then have glorious sex. I really didn’t have any problem with this scenario. I wanted to marry the next woman that I had sex with anyway. Also, our cybersex more than assured me that she had a sexy mind and our love making would be wonderful. 

Her leg healed at the end of June, and she said she was going to her parents to tell them that she was going to Las Vegas to marry me.  

She came back and said: “My father was not happy about the idea, but he agreed to it. Instead of Las Vegas, the wedding will to be in Bogota in September.” 

 I had already told her that the wedding plans was her decision, and I would show up in a white tuxedo and say I do. I advise any man to take this position. The wedding belongs to the bride. She will remember it and cling to it for the rest of her life. In addition, usually the bride’s family pays for the wedding. 

I said: “I suggest that we meet in Las Vegas anyway and have fun and get to know each other.” 

A few days later, we started to chat, and she said: “I’ve been crying. My hospital employer put me on brigade duty.” 

 This meant she had to go to a Colombian island in the Pacific Ocean and treat patients.  

I said: “No problem just quit the hospital and come to St. Louis and start a new life.” 

 She said: “I can’t because I have an employment contract with the hospital for another year and a half.” 


She had been hiding this from me all this time! I had been chatting with her off and on for about 8 months! She had no intention of meeting in April, May, or June! Betrayal! 

I immediately admonished her, and I told her: “I forgave you, but any marriage plans are out of the question. I wasn’t going to marry a liar. You must have of had great fun laughing at all my romantic gestures like cleaning out the laundry room and buying things for Duke. You could have told me to take the ring back and get my money back.” 

 I was tremendously hurt.  

I asked her: “Please admit that you have wronged me.” 

She refused to do that! That made me even angrier! 

I started talking to my friend the Colombian lawyer. She sympathized with me, and we had cybersex. I still had feelings for her, and we reconciled a little before that. I should not have challenged her by telling her to not send me any more letters if she loved me. Of course, I was on the rebound and I wanted to meet the Colombian lawyer right away.  

This was all a big mistake on my part. Jesus tells us to resolve our grievances directly with the person that has wronged us. Behind my back, the Colombian lawyer contacted Doctor Doctor. I discovered this when the lawyer started talking to me about how doc was going into the brigades. I had never used that term when I was talking to her about doc. So, the snake had contacted the doc. 

 I realized at this point, that all she wanted was forbidden fruit and I was no longer that forbidden fruit. I wasn’t with doc anymore. My subsequent conversations with doc confirmed all this because doc knew things that I had said to the lawyer and let some of them slip. I admonished the lawyer and told her I never wanted to talk to her again.  

I said: “I forgave you but, your forbidden fruit desire is dangerous and may get you into a lot of trouble someday.” 

I was still trying to understand how this all came to the surface. I was also still suffering from my heart being broken once again.  

I asked the doc: “Does your parents know anyone at the hospital?” 

 She said: “They do. They are friends with the Hospital director.” 

 It hit me like a lightning bolt. I suggested: “Your parents, probably your father, contacted the Hospital director and told him of your plans for marrying and leaving Colombia.”  

She said: “How do I find out if that happened? If I asked them, they would deny it.” 

  I said: “Talk to your mother and tell her how much you are suffering and see how she reacts. She did and her parents did contact the hospital director.” 

I still wanted her very much. I am good man. I wanted to help her too. The hospital director sent her into the brigades to prevent her from having any contact with me and hoping I would give up.  

I suggested: “Quit and I will come and get you and bring you back to the states. We can justify you quitting because of your parent’s betrayal and the asshole director interfering in your personal relationships. If needed, we can go public with the information in the states. In the USA, a hospital would be liable for damages and violating your rights under the 1964 civil rights law. That hospital director would become a scourge in the USA. Female doctors all over the USA would treat you as a hero and a victim of social injustice!” 

I also said: “You need to somehow forgive and reconcile with your parents. God’s 5th commandment doesn’t say honor thy father and mother if they don’t behave as you want them too. It just says honor thy father and mother.” 

She said: “I can’t quit because I will lose her doctor’s license if I quit.” 

 I said: “Okay. I still want you to admit that you wronged me.” 

 She didn’t admit it. So, I moved on. 

My reader: Did you figure out the ending from hints in the first paragraph? If you thought the doc would have lack of character, then you are as smart as I am. If you also knew that she was hiding knowledge of her employment contract, then you are smarter than I am. 

The relationship between Jim, Homey, and the Doctor Doctor doesn’t end with this chapter. If you want to learn more about what happens next, please visit my website: You can read the first two chapters for free there. You can also buy my book from the website or Barnes and Noble or many other fine retailers. Just search for “Homey’s Adventures” by Jim Wish. 

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Jim Wish is a pen name of a romance novelist. He wrote Homey's Adventure which was published in January of 2020.

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