My Favorite Holiday Is Easter

First and foremost, thank you to all for reading my blogs and my book, Homey’s Adventures.

 I suspect I hold a minority opinion, but I love Easter more than any other Holiday. Please bear with me and let me make my case for Easter.

Christmas is a great holiday. I think the concept of giving and grace is wonderful. My pastor suggests that Christmas has become too commercialized. He encourages us to spend less and give of ourselves more. Easter is less commercialized and particularly important in one special way. Without the first Easter, there would not be Christianity as we know it.

The movie entitled “The Case for Christ” supports my case. In this movie, a journalist sets out to prove that Christianity is a false religion. A religious scholar tells him that the way to prove it is to prove that the resurrection did not happen. He searches for medical and eyewitness evidence that it did not happen. He does not find what he seeks. He finds out that over 500 people witnessed the resurrection of Christ. He coverts to believing that the resurrection of Christ is real.

We convict felons using a 12-person jury. So, we would establish a conviction for the resurrection based on the word of the 12 apostles. I think over 500 is more than enough to believe that it did happen.

I also love Easter because it represents the renewal and beginning of life. Where I live in Missouri, spring is beautiful. The flowers bloom. The baby animals are born. I also hate the cold of winter. It finally gets warm, but not too hot. What is not to like about that?

The Homey part of me is a romantic. I think spring is the most romantic time of year. It is hard not to love the people who are around you when everything around you is so beautiful. I told my Xena recently that when I talk to her, she fills my heart with love. It is like springtime for my heart.

I also said: “I will add it to your nickname: Spring for my heart, my Xena, my warrior princess, my Wonder Woman, my perfect woman”. I know that nick names are supposed to be short and sweet, but I cannot describe my Xena in a few words.

So, thank God for Easter and spring and Xena, my world and the rest of world would not be as good without these things.

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Jim Wish is a pen name of a romance novelist. He wrote Homey's Adventure which was published in January of 2020.

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