Honor Thy Father – Chapter 17

First and foremost, thank you to all who have read my past blog posts and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.” 

As promised, I am writing this book as a sequel to the happy ending of my first book. I recently started writing this book, and I have been inspired lately. I decided to share this with you. So, without delay here is Chapter 17 of my third book: 

Chapter 17 – Flak Jacket? We Don’t Need No Stinking Flak Jackets 

The bloody battle in Okinawa raged and my father’s 17th mission was in support of this battle. They bombed the airbases in Kyushu to reduce the potential threat of the kamikaze bombers: 

“Hey Shorty, I got another letter from Andy.”  

My mom was smiling because she used my dad’s nickname for aunt. 

“You seem in good spirits today. How’s my nephew today.” 

“He is kicking around a bit, but otherwise he’s okay.” 

“Andy says it was an easy mission over Kyushu, but I think he’s getting a little loopy.” 

“Oh yeah, why do you say that Friday.” 

My aunt smiled as she just used my dad’s nickname for my mom. 

“He says Kyushu is prettiest country up there I have seen and then he describes how all bombs are dropping on it. If it is pretty country what do bombs do for it?” 

“Let me read it sis. Andy always does have such a unique prospective.” 

Aunt Shorty reads the journal entry and reflects on it. 

“Sis, do you remember driving to California? 

“Yes, mom and I shared expenses with a man who drove us there.” 

“Andy has had 17 trips like that since last January. They are in the air for 12 or more hours cooped up in that plane. They can’t stop and stretch their legs. When they get over Japan, they are shot at and pursued by fighter jets. They face danger every time they go up. So, getting loopy and talking about pretty landscape and bombs may be normal.” 

“You know sis. I have imagined myself as Amelia Earhart, but I don’t think I would like to fly like Andy does. You know Andy really looks good in his flight uniform.” 

My mom daydreams a little remembering her days of romance. 

Aunt Shorty mused: “I’ve seen those flak jackets at the Gooney Bird factory. We must supply them for all the Gooney Birds. They are heavy and ugly. No wonder he took it off while he was enjoying the country view.” 

Both women giggle at Aunt Shorty’s thought. 

Flak jackets consisted of manganese steel plates sewn into a waistcoat made of ballistic nylon (a material engineered by the DuPont company); therefore, flak jackets functioned as an evolved form of plate armor or brigandine. Flak jackets weighed 22 pounds each. 

For some reason, my dad’s taking off his flak jacket made me think of a quote from Mel Brooks ‘s Western Blazing Saddles (1974) movie. The line was: “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.” My parity is “Flak Jackets? We don’t need no stinking flak jackets. Sometimes, I am a little goofy or loopy. Some may say more often than not. My only defense is that I am my father’s son. 

End Of Chapter 17 

I recently started drafting this about 4 months ago and I still have a lot of research to do. I plan to share some of my work as time and resources allows. I am hoping by next Father’s Day, my new book will be completed and published.  

I encourage anyone who had a parent or grandparent who flew in the B29’s from Tinian Island in 1945 to contact me. Without these heroes protecting our freedoms, we would not be able to celebrate our country’s founding on Independence Day. 

Originally, I started this blog as an eclectic mix of what I was thinking during the week and book reviews. I will do some of that too. So, you do not want to miss what follows. Follow my blog to make sure you receive it. 

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I liken myself to the Vienna Violinist described in chapter 5 of Homey’s Adventures Too. I play (write) for your enjoyment and mine. God bless you all. 

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Jim Wish is a pen name of a romance novelist. He wrote Homey's Adventure which was published in January of 2020.

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