Everybody Always

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has read my blogs and my book, “Homey’s Adventures”.

In a previous blog, I wrote a book review on “Loves Does” by Bob Goff. Bob Goff has written many books. “Everybody Always” is a sequel to “Love Does”. In a way, it is a continuation of “Love Does” using almost the same format.

Each chapter is a short story with a heart warming message. The message is what Bob Goff believes God wants us to do. The story is about the zany and unusual things he has done to illustrate the message. You can read a chapter and put it down for a month or two. You can start the next chapter without worrying about what you didn’t remember in the preceding chapter. I heard from others more than once that they like this style of writing because in our busy lives, we don’t remember what we read in a previous chapter.

In fact, I read “Everybody Always” before I read “Love Does”. For most sequels, you miss out when you read the sequel before you read the prequel. For these two books, reading them out of order is just as enjoyable as reading them in order.

I like to pick my favorite chapter of any book I read. My favorite chapter in “Everybody Always” is Chapter 5  “Limo Driver”.  In this chapter, Bob Goff talks about his trip to Disney World to speak at a conference. His message is that God wants us to mingle with everyone. 
He uses the Disney World Magic Kingdom castle to compare castles and kingdoms. Castles have moats around them that separate us from people who we don’t understand. God’s kingdom is everyone. He suggests that we leave our castles behind and mingle in God’s kingdom.

He illustrates this with a story about a limousine driver who takes him from the airport to Disney World. The limo driver tells Bob that he is retiring in a week. Bob climbs halfway through the window between the back and front and asks the driver to stop. He asks the driver if he had ever ridden in the back seat. The limo driver said: “Of course not. I’d get fired.” Bob Goff switches places with the driver and drives him to Disney World.
If you are like me and love stories that warm your heart with grace and love, then this is the book for you. Jim and Homey recommend this book to everybody always. Did you see how I worked the title back in😁?

If you want to learn more about Jim and Homey, please go to my website: www.homeysadventures.com. You can read the first two chapters for free. You can also buy my book from the website. You can search for my book on Amazon and many other online book retailers using “Homey’s Adventures” by Jim Wish in your search.

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Jim Wish is a pen name of a romance novelist. He wrote Homey's Adventure which was published in January of 2020.

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