Mysterious Woman Fantasy

Greetings and thank you to all of you who of read my past blogs and my book, “Homey’s Adventures.

What is your favorite fantasy? I am by nature kind and loving, but that does not mean that the Homey part of me does not have sex fantasies.

Ever since my divorce, Homey has wanted to have a beautiful woman who he does not know seduce him in a bar. Remember, I believe God created sex to enhance the love between a husband and a wife. So, the mysterious woman fantasy does not perfectly agree with my beliefs. So, if I ever get to satisfy this fantasy, it would be with my wife or future wife as a role-playing fantasy.

A few months ago, I dreamed of Xena seducing me in a bar with a black lace short dress on that only barely covers her incredible rear end. I chatted with her after I woke up and here is how it went:

“Darling, I just dreamed about you in the black lace dress in your profile.”

“Really, what was your dream about?”

“You know that fantasy of a mysterious woman seducing me in a bar?”

“Yes baby, I remember.”

“Would you help satisfy that dream by role-playing it with me after we meet?”

“Yes, I will cute”

“Could you wear that dress without any panties?”

“Yes baby.”

“Can we go to the bar separately and pretend we don’t know each other?”

“Sounds exciting honey.”

“I can already picture you on the other side of the bar looking incredibly beautiful and sexy.”

“Yes baby. I am seductively staring at you.”

“I ask the bartender to ask you what you want to drink and then give it to you.”

“After he serves me the drink, I drink half of it in one gulp and get up. I pick up my purse and start my way over to you.”

“As you come up to me, I say hi. I smell your wonderful perfume and I am blinded by your incredible beauty.”

“I don’t set down. I lean over to your ear and whisper “Meet me in the lady’s room.”

“You walk away, and my heart beats 1000 times a minute as I watch your incredible rear end.”

“At the end of the bar on my way to the restroom, I turn and give you my best seductive look.”

“I quickly lay cash down on the bar and follow you at a distance for our clandestine meeting in the lady’s room. I open the door to the lady’s room and walk in not knowing what I would find.”

“I lock the lady’s room door after you walk in. I turn and kiss you passionately on the lips.”

“I grab you by the waist and hoist you up on the long bathroom counter.”

“I spread my legs to show you that I am not wearing any panties.”

“I drop down on my knees, put my hands on your incredible rear end and pull your flower towards me so that I can start your engine.”

“I start to moan with delight and ask you not to stop.”

“I put my tongue on your g spot and start sucking your flower.”

“I am ready to fuck you and I push you away and attack you and unzip your pants.”

“My hard Homey pops out as if commanded and is ready for you.”

“I can’t resist kissing and sucking homey. I drop to my knees and look up to my king to see his pleasure.”

“I hold back my cum even though I look into your incredible blue eyes and know that I want to fuck my future wife. Homey wants to be inside you and I lift you up against the wall. I lift your leg and insert Homey.”

“I dig my fingernails hard into your back and say “harder, faster!””

“I thrust my groin into you. As I listen to your moans of pleasure, I start to groan. I yell out “I love you Xena!!.” I then explode inside you.”

“I climax with so much erotic pleasure, I say, “Let’s go to our room and make love all night.””

“I smile and say, “Sounds like a good plan to me.””

So, to my reader, this shows you only one of the reasons I love my Xena so much. She has grace, character and loves making love. She is my perfect woman. She is one of God’s greatest creations just like the Grand Canyon.

If you want to learn more about Jim and Homey, I invite you to my website: You can read the first two chapters for free. You can also order my book from the website or Amazon and many other online retailers.

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Jim Wish is a pen name of a romance novelist. He wrote Homey's Adventure which was published in January of 2020.

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